What membership is best for you?

We offer different membership options to suit your needs. Find out which one is best for you.

Member: You are a parish or town council in Hampshire and you would like access to all our services, as well as full access to National Association of Local Councils (NALC) through paying the additional NALC affiliation fee.

Hampshire Development Partner: You also have the option to take membership without access to NALC by taking the development partner option. You retain all the great membership benefits but do not have access to NALC documents.

Offer for non-Hampshire Development Partners

Your council is not in Hampshire but would like access to the services we provide. This option does not give you affiliation to NALC but provides all other benefits of a membership with Hampshire ALC.

Offer for County Association of Local Councils

We are happy to consider providing services to other County Associations if support is requested.

Affiliate member

If you are not a local council but an individual interested or involved in the sector, you may become an Affiliate Member. You will be able to access our newsletters. You can also access training for the same cost as a full member.