Request a member login

As a benefit of membership, you have 24/7 access to guidance notes and important updates in your online Member Area.

If you are a councillor or staff member from a member council, or an affiliate, you can contact us to set up your access to this invaluable resource. All we need is your:

  • Name
  • Council
  • Role, for example are you the clerk, chair or councillor
  • Email address* - this needs to be unique to you
  • Phone number (optional)

* Please be aware from a data protection perspective, any requests for support you submit using a formal council email address will be regarded as organisational information and be attached to the council’s record on the Hampshire ALC database. If you pass this email address to another individual who is taking over your role, your previous requests for support and any comments will be available to the new person.

If you are using an email address personal to you, the information will be stored in the council's record for your organisation and will be accessible to Hampshire ALC staff, however it will not be accessible to any future individuals within your council.